The Informes de Coyuntura Económica (Economic Reports) are best known product and most awaited by the population.  These reports provide up-to-date information and analysis about the country’s main economic variables, with emphasis on macroeconomic indicators.  They have 4 fixed sections: International economic situation, National economic situation, Update of growth projections for the current year and next two years; and Results of FUNIDES’ latest businesspeople and consumer surveys.  Each edition also includes chapters with relevant strategic and/or current issues.  These reports offer private enterprise, government entities, educators, students, the media and the general public timely, objective and high quality analyses of the country’s economic situation and perspectives.

The Informes de Institucionalidad Económica (Economic Governance Reports) analyze the functioning of institutions critical to the business climate around four relevant areas of work: cross-border trade, bureaucratic procedures, ownership rights and juridical security.  In each area, the report evaluates the criteria of agility, cost and confidence that the different processes inspire in the economic stakeholders.  The first issue of Informe de Institucionalidad Económica gathers information from diverse sources and establishes a baseline for future issues.  It detects progress in the streamlining of different processes, but also finds sources of discretionality that affect users’ perceptions and confidence, providing space for continued improvement.

The objective of the Special Studies, Working Papers, Policy Documents and Technical Notes we have been producing is to promote debate on priority issues for the country’s development.  In this regard, FUNIDES is working on three levels: research and policy formulation, dialogue and formation of consensus, and wide-ranging awareness building, all in order to achieve the required reforms and changes.

Selected executive summaries 

Estudios de Economía Ambiental 

Informes de Coyuntura Económica 

Informe de Institucionalidad Económica 

Special Studies and Working Papers 

El sector de energía eléctrica de Nicaragua
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